Making The Best Impression On First Dates

A Beginner’s Guide To What To Wear On Dates


We all know how challenging it is figuring out what to wear on a first date. Chances are you want to make a great impression on the person you are going out with. So it is important to choose the right outfit. This simple guide should give you some great ideas that you can use when deciding what to wear on dates:

Wear something comfortable

First Date Clothes

Avoid the temptation to wear something extreme for your date. Leave the super high heels or extremely low-cut blouses in the closet. Instead, reach for something that is comfortable, yet still flattering. Otherwise, you will spend your entire date fiddling with your outfit or feeling miserable instead of paying attention to the person you are out with.

Avoid wearing brand-new clothing

Even if something feels extremely comfortable and fits right when you try it on in the dressing room, there is no telling how it will perform in the real world. Those jeans that fit perfectly may wind up stretching out after a few hours, becoming baggy and shapeless. A top that looked flattering when you tried it on may wind up cutting into your skin, falling off your shoulders, or causing countless other mishaps. In general, your best bet is to stick with tried and true favourites from your current wardrobe.

Choose clothing that regularly gets you compliments

Chances are, there are some items in your closet that people continually compliment you on. This kind of positive feedback is a great way to judge what looks best on you. Wearing one of these pieces will not only help you feel confident but will also help ensure that you look incredible for your big date.

Dress for the occasion

Before your date, find out where you are going. That way, you can choose clothing that is appropriate for the venue. For instance, if you are going hiking, you would need to wear something far different than if you were going out for a fancy dinner. Dress appropriately so that you don’t feel self-conscious or have difficulty doing whatever it is you set out to do.

Knowing what to wear on dates can help make the process of getting ready a lot easier. Ultimately, your clothing choices come down to comfort and confidence. Whatever you choose to wear, it should fit and flatter your body and should make you feel absolutely great about the way that you look.