Phone Chat And First Date Nerves

Confidence and Finding New Friends Using Your Phone.

Recently a good friend of ours announced that he had made contact with a young lady by calling a free adult phone sex chat service. After several conversations, they had agreed to meet up but now he was nervous about the very first time he would be meeting her, face to face. Despite the fact that he felt that he’d already got to know her on the phone, he still lacked confidence.

Phone sex chat and first date nerves

First dates can be very intimidating, especially when you really like the person. Of course you’re going to be nervous, because you want to impress them as much as possible. But this also puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the situation. Here are some tips for relaxing on your first date and making a good first impression.


Your Date Is Nervous Too

First and foremost, always remember that your date is probably just as nervous as you. It’s probably the first mutual feeling you can share, which establishes a middle ground.


Prepare Some Topics For Discussion

There’s nothing wrong with preparing a few topics to discuss. Decide beforehand how much information you want to share about yourself, but don’t set out to provide your life’s history in one night. There will be more than enough time to get to know each other, so focus on having a good time first.


Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Talking to somebody for five minutes and spending a few hours in their company are two different things. So, keep your expectations as realistic as possible. Don’t think about wedding rings and future plans. Instead, focus on the here and now. The person might be your life partner, or they can be somebody you only go on one date with. The moment you let go of your expectations you’ll already feel a lot more relaxed.


Approach The Date Like A Friendship

To make things easier for yourself, approach the date like you would approach a friend. Of course there will be flirting and sub-conscious signals but for the most part you want to be yourself. Don’t let the pressure to impress overshadow the person you really are. The last thing you want is to pretend to be somebody you’re not.


Choose A Comfortable Place

If the venue is a place of your choice, try to make it somewhere you’ll feel comfortable. Think about it for a second. If you don’t feel comfortable in an upscale restaurant, then it’s not going to help your situation. If possible, settle on a spot where both of you can feel confident enough to present your true selves.


Break The Routine

Last but not least, there’s no rule that says you need to go to a fancy dinner or a movie. Think outside the box and try something different. This will help to bring down the pressure that’s associated with a typical date.


Communicating In Love

Finding The Right Time To Express Your Feelings


When you are in a relationship, it is important to let the other person know how you feel about them. There is a right and a wrong way to do go about this. Before you start your conversation and start expressing your emotions to your partner, make sure that you consider the following information.

Couple Talking About EmotionsSpeak to your significant other when you two are alone. You have probably seen countless movies where people are thrilled by the grand gesture of professing love aloud. The reality is that this is not very appealing to some. Emotions are personal and not everyone is ready to share them with the world. If you are interested in making your feelings known, about committing to a relationship, you should choose a time when you will be one-on-one with your mate.

You should probably wait to share if you have not been seeing one another for very long. There is no rule that says you have to be together for a while in order to develop feelings, but some people are terrified when these feelings are expressed very early on. For example, if you feel love for your mate and you have only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, you may want to hold off sharing until you know the two of you are on the same path.

Make sure that you have enough time to discuss everything that is being said. This means that telling someone you adore them while you are on a 15 minute break from work is not very wise. By the time you are able to express everything you feel, there may not be ample time for them to respond. You should try waiting until you know that there is no rush.

Don’t offer your emotions to someone in an attempt to urge them to stay. Sometimes relationships run their course and it is time to move on. If your partner comes to you and says they want to end things, don’t try to rush and share in order to convince them to stay. Even if they do, it may only be due to the fact that they don’t want to hurt your feelings and not because they truly want to be there.

Emotions are generally really complicated, so there really is no perfect time to offer them to the object of your affection. With that said, following this advice will increase the chances that your attempt to share will be well received.

Making The Best Impression On First Dates

A Beginner’s Guide To What To Wear On Dates


We all know how challenging it is figuring out what to wear on a first date. Chances are you want to make a great impression on the person you are going out with. So it is important to choose the right outfit. This simple guide should give you some great ideas that you can use when deciding what to wear on dates:

Wear something comfortable

First Date Clothes

Avoid the temptation to wear something extreme for your date. Leave the super high heels or extremely low-cut blouses in the closet. Instead, reach for something that is comfortable, yet still flattering. Otherwise, you will spend your entire date fiddling with your outfit or feeling miserable instead of paying attention to the person you are out with.

Avoid wearing brand-new clothing

Even if something feels extremely comfortable and fits right when you try it on in the dressing room, there is no telling how it will perform in the real world. Those jeans that fit perfectly may wind up stretching out after a few hours, becoming baggy and shapeless. A top that looked flattering when you tried it on may wind up cutting into your skin, falling off your shoulders, or causing countless other mishaps. In general, your best bet is to stick with tried and true favourites from your current wardrobe.

Choose clothing that regularly gets you compliments

Chances are, there are some items in your closet that people continually compliment you on. This kind of positive feedback is a great way to judge what looks best on you. Wearing one of these pieces will not only help you feel confident but will also help ensure that you look incredible for your big date.

Dress for the occasion

Before your date, find out where you are going. That way, you can choose clothing that is appropriate for the venue. For instance, if you are going hiking, you would need to wear something far different than if you were going out for a fancy dinner. Dress appropriately so that you don’t feel self-conscious or have difficulty doing whatever it is you set out to do.

Knowing what to wear on dates can help make the process of getting ready a lot easier. Ultimately, your clothing choices come down to comfort and confidence. Whatever you choose to wear, it should fit and flatter your body and should make you feel absolutely great about the way that you look.

Looking For Romance And Sex On The Phone

Your Guide To Finding Love On The Telephone

Do you feel like romantic relationships are a source of angst for you? Our romantic relationships should bring us strength; they shouldn’t make us feel weak, helpless or unhappy. If you want to gain happiness and positivity in love, here are a few tips that you could try:


Have You Tried Online Dating Or Adult Phone Services?

A lot of people hate being single. They hate it so much that they’ll date anyone, even if they aren’t compatible with that person. You shouldn’t make these types of compromises. You don’t have to hold out for the perfect partner, but you shouldn’t date someone you don’t have any interest in. You aren’t going to be happy if you force yourself to be with someone that you don’t care about. Don’t date anyone unless you have romantic feelings for them. Use some of the technology based services, such as phone dating, to help weed out the people you are not compatible with. You can try tame online dating sites or racier adult phone sex chat lines.


Be The Kind Of Person You Want To Date

Think about what your ideal partner would be like. Are they well read? Are they a hard worker? Are they well-dressed? Are they caring and attentive? Once you have thought about what you want, you should try to demonstrate these qualities in your own life. If you want someone who is smart and interesting to talk to, you should do some studying. If you want someone in great shape, you should spend more time at the gym. You shouldn’t just settle for okay in relationships, but make sure you are giving back what the other person is putting in. If you work to become a great partner, you will be able to attract the same back.


Give Your Partner Praise

Make sure that your partner knows that you love and appreciate them. You should make sure that you give them a genuine compliment at least once each day. If they do something kind for you, you could then make sure they know that you appreciate their efforts. If your partner knows that you care for them, they will work hard to show they care for you. You should try to be a caring, loving partner. Find out what your partner’s love language is and make sure you use it when you’re with them. Love shouldn’t make you sad or angry. It should make you feel happy and hopeful about your future. If that is not something you are getting right now, then you need to make some changes. Follow these suggestions if you would like to improve your personal love life.

Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself……

The Best Second Date

Second Dates – Find A Unique Venue


Dating And SportsGetting the chance to go on a second date can be very exciting, but it can also be a challenge as well. The challenge comes from trying to figure out where to go on the second date. You will have so many different options available to you, but a lot of these are ideas you may have already exhausted before. With that being the case here are some unique second date ideas that you can use and they may really impress the person who you are dating.

For a person who has a country or an outdoor type of flair to her, then you may want to take her on a nature hike, a hike that is easy and enjoyable, but also will make it easier for you to have a great time with her. That is because you are going to be able to connect with each other on a deeper level, but also because of the fact that you are outside you will be able to avoid most of the headaches and hassles that are present when you are in a crowded restaurant. Being outside allows for a more fluent conversation between each other. You will be able to point out interesting views and maybe notice the wildlife.

Dating Outdoors

Sporting events are a great option as well, if a girl likes sports. Sometimes you will find that she really loves sports and this can allow you to find something to connect on at a level that maybe wouldn’t have thought of. So you will want to take into consideration the different sports that are in your area and then make sure you go one of these events on your second date. Sharing your liking of sports is a great way to have fun and to do something you find mutually enjoyable.

Being able to make it to a second date in the modern world can be a good thing. Try to think outside the box. If you enjoy a certain activity ask her if she would like to join you. It could be a visit to a museum, art gallery or exhibition. Maybe even a concert. This will give her some ideas of the types of music you like and because you will be in a crowd she may feel safer with you. By knowing about these places it will be easier for you to have a great time and know that you are going to have fun on your second date and enjoy yourself and the date even more because of the work you did impressing her.

Dating Communication Skills

How To Give Your Date ALL Of Your Attention

Attentive Dating

One of the most difficult aspects of dating, is when you have to give as much of your attention as possible to your date. Many people are easily distracted. This distraction can lead the other person into believing that you are really not interested in them. You don’t want this to happen, as your date could possibly end sooner than you actually want. However, if you really like the person you are with and you would like this to go a little bit further, here are a couple strategies that you can use, to give your date all of your attention.

Listen To The Conversation

A huge problem that many people face, when it comes to dating is actually listening to what the other person is saying. Most people prefer talking about themselves. However, if you actually do listen to what the other person is talking about, as long as they are not obsessively talking about themselves the entire time, you can actually learn quite a bit about them. You are learning about their personality. You need to know what type of person they are and based upon your conversation, you can actually get a lot of information.

Look Into Their Eyes

If you are able to look directly into their eyes and maintain that semi-constant focus, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to stay focused on them. If you are not looking at them, other things around you can become very distracting. At the very least, you owe this person as much of your attention as possible, simply because they have agreed to meet you. You could be at a restaurant, coffee shop, or perhaps you are meeting in the park, a place that can become very distracting. As long as you are focusing on their eyes as much as you can, it will allow you to stay focused and also give the impression that you are interested in them.

These are just a couple tips that often work very well for people who become distracted easily. Being distracted can be misconstrued in several different ways and it’s easier to just not deal with that. If you are only going to be with this person for an hour, it is during this hour that you will be able to learn more about them based upon their body language, the way they talk and how focused they are on you. All of this information can help you decide whether or not this is a person who you want to see again in the future.